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Marchard 2 Seater Velvet Sofa


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BASIC08-Light BrownBASIC08-Light BrownBASIC10-OrangeBASIC10-OrangeBasic16-RedBasic16-Red


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Additional information

Dimensions (Inch)

59 W x 43 H x 35 D

Seating Depth

22 in

Seating Height

17 in

Parent Color



BASIC08-Light Brown, BASIC10-Orange, Basic16-Red



Frame Material


Other Material

High Quality Foam

Leg Polish Color


Upholstery Material


Box Quantity



Self Leg Assemby (Screw fitting only)


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The Marchard 2 Seater Velvet Sofa is upholstered with Velvet Fabric. The internal frame structure is built with solid salwood for long durability.

Armrests are curved at backward Straight padded backrest gives a contemporary look. Solid teakwood is used for legs construction. The legs have Black polish. The 2 Seater sofa’s seat and backrest are constructed with polyurethane high density foam. For extreme comfort interlaced elastic straps are used to produce right suspension. Solid teakwood frame and high quality foam make it stronger and long durable.



  1. 5 out of 5

    thank you madesos for a wonderful 2 seater sofa that was done according to my requirements. I really liked the quality of your product.

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  1. There is an exclusive 2-year warranty on the sofa structure, protecting the buyer from any manufacturing defects.
  2. There is a 1-year warranty on the pillows/cushions/ upholstery against any manufacturing defects.
  3. Manufacturing defects means, collapsing of cushions, i.e. if your sofa back or seat cushions sink in and do not spring back.
  4. All cushions soften with regular use and conform to the shape of the user over the period of time.
  5. Fibre-filled backs and armrests will flatten with regular use.
  6. Warranty applies to the furniture used only under usual household conditions.
  7. Warranty on any product does not include;
    - Normal wear & tear or usage beyond its intended use.
    - Any warranty on the upholstery/ cushion covers / coverings.
    - Scratches, cuts or damage caused by impact or by any accidents.
    - Products installed, assembled or stored incorrectly, misused or cleaned using wrong cleaning agent or methods.

Return Policy

  1. Since at Madesos, all products are made only against orders placed, we are unable to extend any kind of returns for any products except the case of manufacturing defects if any, and the case if you unfortunately receive product damaged during transit.
  2. For re-confirmation we will send you proper measurement details and fabric/leatherette/leather samples of sofa colour before manufacturing starts. If in case fabric samples are rejected by customer and customer do not want to proceed with the order. The advance 40% amount will be refunded to the customer.
  3. We will also send the photographs of the finished product so that you get the real idea of your fabric colour and product dimensions before shipping of your order.
  4. After verifying fabric, dimensions and placing the oder, if you choose to cancel your order in between or after shipping, please know that you forfeit the advance paid.
  5. Once the product is delivered we will be unable to extend any kind of returns/refunds.

Care Instructions

While selecting any sofa or any product you take lot of care about the material that goes into making it. Therefore continued mindful care is also essential to ensure the long life of the product. Please keep in mind the following checklist for an ageless look of your product.
  1. Avoid the exposure to direct sunlight or heat as this may cause the product colour/ polish to fade.
  2. Avoid constant exposure to water or prolonged moisture and outdoor use(except in case of outdoor furniture ).
  3. If you have removable back cushions (or put some extra cushions on your sofa), do reverse them periodically and fluff them up while arranging so that all the cushions stays even and in appropriate shapes.
  4. Do not sit on armrests and sofas, as it may lead to excess pressure and cause distortion and early wear & tear of fabric and padding.
  5. All fabrics snags easily. Keep any sharp objects away from your sofa. The sharp edged toys, jewelry, buckles or pets can easily snag the fabric, so if there is any snag, trim it using scissors. Do not ever try to pull it off. A little accidental tear on the fabric cover may become hard to restore/repair.
  6. Try to avoid any kind of food or drink spillage. Always keep hot pad or coasters while keeping hot, cold or wet material on the product. If spills occur, do not leave it unattended. Never just wipe it off, as spill may spread further instead you can just gently blot the spill.
  7. Handle all the furniture very carefully. Do not drag across the furniture very roughly as it may damage its joints.
  8. Periodically vacuum your sofas with a soft bristled brush attachment or lightly brush them regularly to keep general dirt and dust off the product and prevent any fixing of dirt on fibres.
  9. In case of a stain, a good water-free fabric cleaner may be used. However, never apply the cleaner directly on the stain as this may cause damage to the fabric or fade fabric/ product colour.
  10. Best way to clean the stain is, before cleaning the it, pour some cleaner onto a clean soft lint free cloth and test its effect on the back side or hidden area of the sofa.
  11. Avoid using bleach while washing your upholstery.
  12. Get your sofa professionally cleaned once every 6-8 months. It will not only take care of all the nooks/corners that you cannot reach, but also make it more durable.
  13. A professional Scotchgard treatment is one of the best and easiest options to protect against stains or spills and keep pet hairs at bay.
  14. Leatherette products need a regular periodic maintenance to prevent peeling or cracking in the long run. Leather conditioner or vinyl conditioner needs to be applied to the product every 3-4 months for a long product life.
  15. With regular use, fibre-filled backs, cushions and armrests may get little flatten. However they can be brought back to proper shape as easily as a normal pillow.